Iowa Community Design Workshops

Community Design Workshops are organized by Iowa Community Design, an outreach agency of the College of Design at Iowa State University. Robert Findlay, Architecture and Jerry Knox, Community and Regional Planning, co-direct the ICD.
In recent years, workshop students have collaborated on a variety of community-based projects involving preservation and accessibility, townscape and retail district revitalization, community image and identity, adaptive re-use of structures, and the design of new facilities.
The workshops are an opportunity to experience collaborative design among students in related design disciplines, and more importantly, with affected community members. By engaging other in all phases of design, we share our creativity, receive constant and timely feedback on our individual efforts, and we strive to provide environments that are mutually owned by all who participate: designers, sponsors and users. In order to accomplish these goals, we take on community-based projects, we use critics as consultants, and we engage sponsors and user groups throughout an open design process.
Collaborative, or team designing, may be thought of as a precursor of professional practice. Even in a one person office, it is necessary to collaborate with consultants and clients in order to accomplish projects. More often, in offices of all sizes, design is accomplished through team efforts; either through specialized input or through communal effort. In the workshop we associate in teams to accomplish entire projects.

Current Project:

Sustainable Development Along the Downtown Waterloo, Iowa, Riverfront

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