Friday, October 6 - Look, Listen, and Organize

Noon--Welcome lunch

Mayor John Rooff

Aspirations and observations of participants

1:30--Briefing Sessions:
Silos and Smokestacks (Mary Ellen Warren & Tom Gallaher)

Parks and Recreation (Tom Reardon & Paul Huting)
Downtown Chamber of Commerce (Jim Lawrence)
John Deere Corporation (Lyle Schmitt)
City Administrator:
3:00--Bus Tour
The bus tour viewed the river from multiple points: boat landing, trails, bridges, highway vistas, neighborhoods, an parks (both developed and natural).

4:00--Walking Tour
Walking tour visited the river and found more access through the flood wall than expected. They found that the ways down to the river's edge were not obvious and had to be searched out. They were found to be attempts to make the riverfront more welcoming, such as landscaping, but they were mostly too narrow and not comfortable. Also walked on 4th Street to the Central Business District (CBD) and toured a renovation project.

7:00: Public Town Meeting in Arts Center Little Theater (Mayor's comments, project description, community input).

Approximately 20 community people came to this first public session which started with a greeting from Mayor Rooff. Bob Findlay explained the charrette process and the charrettes that are taking place simultaneously around the country. These sites are linked together via the World Wide Web. He also discussed the concept of sustainability as a three-legged milking stool, the legs of which are Economic Opportunity, Social Equity (both short and long term), and Environmental Responsibility. Discussions with community groups in preparation for this charrette showed concern for the riverfront and the impact of the flood walls. But concern was also expressed in regard to the river as a corridor and the building stock in the CBD. So three sub-team groups were formed: (1) the river, (2) the riverfront, and (3) the building stock in the CBD. Additional sub-team groups were formed to concentrate on implementation and communications. The community people in attendance stated their interests and concerns about the Waterloo area:

9:00: DAT Work Session I
Issues Raised and Identified in Public Town Meeting:

Notes on charrette schedule kept by Lee Haugen.
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